Of all the casino slot malaysia games that generate revenue for the industry, slots hold the highest position because most people visiting mmc996 malaysia casino try their luck at the game. Most casual gamblers look at it as the easiest game to deal with since it needs no special skills to win money. All you need to do is insert some money and spin the reels to land on your fortune. Although it isn’t that simple to win at slots, nothing about it is too intricate too. Some players take it too hard to make it overly complex.

They mostly make reasons for their losses or wins and stick to these beliefs always. None of the results you receive on the slot machines can be completely transparent because they cannot be probed for the reasons that lead to unfortunate situations. In the table games, you can see the cards that are being played; so, you can trust the results too. Such a nature of the slot machines has made it open for several myths and lies to latch onto it. Here are a few such lies about slot machines that most people have believed for the longest time.

1.      The Casinos change RTP

Return to Player can be defined as the amount of money a slot machine pays back during the game. Some gamblers have the misconception that the RTP is not fixed, and that it will keep changing. Casinos are accused by many of these people for this alleged change in RTP. It could be changed only by the licensing authorities accompanied by the developers. Land-based casinos don’t practice this change of RTP for their benefit because that could lead to the dip in footfalls. Online casinos, on the other hand, can have this access to change the RTP. But third-party testing is also conducted on many of these machines to ensure that the developers are offering a fair game.


2.      Spins Can be Timed to Win More

Players also have a belief that spins can be timed correctly to win more money, which is completely absurd. Slots have no such method to work in your favor. Pushing the button has no such designated time in order to generate positive results. The slot machines use a Random Number Generator to trigger the process of spinning reels. Waiting for a few seconds between each spin will not help you win more in the process. Since the RNG functions with million combinations per second, timing the spins is not practical.

3.      Online Slots Eats Money

Like for any other game in the online casinos, people think that slot machines have the feature to rip you off. Many gamblers have this apprehension towards gambling online due to the virtual gaming format. But people add such myths to make a concoction that is not trustworthy. Online casinos are also licensed and are regulated. They cannot act beyond a certain extent of freedom allowed by gambling jurisdictions.