Ventura Beach Bike Trail

Ventura Beach Bike Trail
This scenic bike trail starts along the mouth of the Ventura River and takes you along the C-Street Promenade, past surfer’s point, Ventura Pier and ends at the San Buena Ventura State Beach without breaking a sweat.

Where to Start:
Begin Coastal bike trail

Free public parking lot next to Hwy 33 overpass on the West end of Main Street.

From here, head south down the bike trail towards the coast...

Alternative: From here you can also head up the Ventura River Trail towards Ojai (a much more vigourus trail).

Train bridge near bike trail

A few strokes into your ride, you'll cross over the railroad tracks, where you'll see the tressle train bridge that crosses the mouth of the Ventura River.

Fairgrounds horse stable

A little further down on you're left you'll pass the Ventura County Fairgrounds, where you might see horses trotting in the fairground stables.
Bike trail meets Pacific Ocean

Soon the path meets the Pacific, where you'll get your first glimpse of the ocean, but on your right is one of the most beautiful spots in Ventura...

Where the Ventura River meets the Pacific is a very picturesque bird estuary, where you'll see pelicans and other variety of birds skimming the coastal estuary surface.

Ventura River Estuary

Turn left here
and continue along the bike trail as it hugs the coast.

Surfer's Point, C street
You'll soon arrive at Surfer’s point (called C-street these days). The cobblestone and sand deposited from the Ventura River create this popular surfing spot and it is a fun place to stop and watch the surfers challenge the waves. If you started your ride later in the day, this is also a romantic place to catch the sunset.

Then you'll enter the promenade area. During summer months (and some busy weekends), you’ll be accompanied by fellow cyclists, skaters, joggers, walkers, surfers and dog-walkers on this path as you head on towards the Crowne Plaza Hotel and the C-Street Promenade.

C-Street promenade
On weekends, the promenade is usually alive with activity. Vendors often sell jewelry and other hand-made crafts and local artists frequently display their sculptures, paintings or photographs here as well.

The promenade area is the gateway to downtown Ventura and there is welcome talk of creating a more pedestrian friendly link between the downtown area and the beach.

Just a bit further down on your right is the Ventura Pier. If you want to take a stroll to end of the pier, lock up your bikes and walk up the stairs.

Ventura Pier at dusk

Bike trail San Buenaventura State Beach
Moving on, the path leads you down along San Buenaventura State Beach, (you’ll have more privacy on this leg of your journey since most of the people hang around the Crowne Plaza). The State beach is two miles of sand, swimming and a large adjacent picinic grounds.

Dunes at San Buenaventura State beach

The natural rolling sand dunes that line the State Beach make it one of the more scenic beaches to work on your tan. (And, how’s this for something new: the State beach now offers free Wi-Fi service within 150’ to 200’ of the lifeguard tower).

Picnic area at end of bike trail

Take the loop into the park area, stop at the snack bar and enjoy a picnic at one of the numerous picnic tables in the park or just kick back and spend a little quiet time time before you double back and head back home.

Tip: Cruising with your date or with your family? Share this path on a tandem or 4-wheel bicycle.

Don't have your own bike?
No problem. Here's several bike rental depots to choose from, depending on where you join the bike trail:

Ventura Bike Depot - Just a block away from the start of the coastal trail (above), and a short walk from the Clock Tower Inn. Plus parts and accessories galore. 
239 West Main Street

Wheel Fun Rentals at Ventura Pier - An easy walk from the Crowne Plaza and the Bella Maggiore Inn.
850 Harbor Blvd
(805) 650-7770

Wheel Fun Rentals at Marriot Ventura - This is really convenient if you’re already staying at the Marriot or at the Inn on the Beach.
2055 Harbor Blvd.
Ventura, CA. 93001
(805) 643-6000

Seaward Surf & Sport - A good choice if you are staying at the Inn on the Beach; tandem bicycles or 4-wheel cycles are not available at this time.
1082 S. Seaward Ave.

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