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Downtown Ventura Wi-Fi

Hello, hello, can you hear me?

The City of Ventura has announced that free wireless broadband service has been launched in the public spaces of Downtown. Residents and visitors can stay "connected" through the network, provided by the Downtown Parking Management Program, to access the Internet, retrieve e-mail, or surf the Web without being connected to network cables.

The network, "Downtown Ventura Wi-Fi", offers wireless broadband service outdoors along Main Street beginning at Fir Street and continuing to the Museum of Ventura County between Poli and Santa Clara Streets.

Service is available daily during the hours of 6am - midnight. Users can access the service for a total of one hour, to assure use by the maximum number of persons at any given time. No special settings, user names or passwords are required.

The Downtown Parking Management Program's network structure is being utilized to serve the public with free Wi-Fi service. "Free wireless internet connections help to promote community by attracting people and business to Downtown," said Mayor Bill Fulton. "Providing this free service to the public is an expanded function of the network that is already in place and will help bring more customers downtown and encourage business growth."

Locate the network icon on your wireless device to connect. Users must agree to accept the Terms and Conditions of use before connecting; the agreement also identifies and warns users of the potential security risks associated with the use of a non-secure public network.

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