Ventura Mayor Cheryl Heitmann Speaking at Climate Rally September 21, 2014

by Ron Whitehurst
(Ventura, CA)

Deacon Ed Mills of St. Augustine Church gave a blessing and Mayor Cheryl Heitmann welcomed over 200 people's climate marchers to Ventura on September 21, 2014. She affirmed the need for action on climate. Supervisor Steve Bennett spoke about how money in politics prevents wise governance to deal with the crisis. The Field Representative for Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson spoke about how policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions do not cost any more than the cost of doing business as usual. David Atkins, campaign manager for Measure P to Ban Fracking in Santa Barbara County and Oxnard City Councilperson Carmen Ramirez spoke. Ramirez spoke about how surprised she was to get a unanimous vote from the Oxnard City Council for a moratorium on a new gas-fired power plant on the shores of Oxnard.

The march left from in front of Ventura City Hall down California St and ended at the Ventura Pier for a Chumash ceremony for mother earth by Alan Salazar and Peuyoko Perez.

The march in Ventura was in solidarity with a global day of climate action during which over 400,000 marchers in New York City called on world leaders to act and similar marches were held in 2800 cities around the world. It comes just two days before a UN Climate Summit, which is hosted by UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, and attended by more than 125 world leaders, including US President Barack Obama. The summit is intended to kickstart a process that will end with significant agreement at next December’s global negotiations in Paris.

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