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Main Street, Ventura, 1874

Main Street Parade: July 4th, 1874. Courtesy of Los Angeles Public Library

Just strolling down Main Street (originally named "Camino Real"), you can find reminders of the rich Ventura history from just around every corner. From the majestic sea-facing City Hall and the Ranchero of Olivas Adobe to the Two Trees that distinctively reside on a hilltop above Ventura, there's a story to tell...

Ventura Then and Now
Ventura - Then & Now
Local historian Glenda J. Jackson again conjures up Ventura's past, with comparisons of vintage images to contemporary photography of landscapes and structures.
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Chumash Indians
1000 A.D.Shishalop Village, believed to be the Chumash Provincial Capital, is settled directly on the beach at end of Figueroa Street. The local Chumash Indians, or “shell bead people” made a peaceful living hunting, gathering, fishing and trading shell bead money with nearby tribes. Using 25’ plank canoes, they efficiently travel to and from the Channel Islands and up and down the coast. Many Chumash thrive on Santa Cruz, San Miguel and Santa Rosa Islands.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo
1542Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sets anchor near modern day Point Mugu. He describes the area to the queen as “the land of everlasting summers.” In 1543, Cabrillo succumbs to gangrene after falling and breaking his arm while exploring San Miguel Island. He is said to be buried on the island though his gravesite has never been located.

1782 On Easter Sunday, March 31, 1782 Father Junipero Serra, officiallyFather Junipero Serra established his ninth and final mission by erecting a small wooden cross on the beach and celebrating mass. He named his new mission San Buenaventura ("city of good fortune"), after the 13th century Franciscan monk, St San Buenaventura MissionBonaventure. The original Mission grounds expand to the Ventura River and include a prolific garden of fruit, vegetables and herbs. With Chumash labor, a reservoir and a seven-mile aqueduct is constructed to channel water to the mission from the Ventura River. San Buenaventura Mission is one of the most prosperous of all the California Missions. Excavations have turned up many artifacts of Ventura history. 

1812A Large earthquake and tidal wave force Padres and local Indians, now living and working at the mission, inland. Padre Señan, head of Mission wrote "...sea was greatly stirred up by the tremors in such a way that the waters might flood the Mission...". They built temporary “casitas” up the Ventura River towards Ojai (now called Casitas Springs).

1834 – After winning independence from Spain (1821), Mexico issues secularization of the California Spanish Missions.

Olivas Adobe, Ventura
1841Rancho San Miguel is deeded to Raimundo Olivas. Labeled the most magnificent ranch south of Monterey, the 4,693 acre ranch stretches from the Santa Clara River to the mouth of the Ventura River and includes 4 miles of coastline. Raimundo and his wife, Teodora, build a 2–story adobe. It’s a good thing too, since the couple had 21 children to feed, clothe and shelter. Yes, 21! The Olivas Adobe has stood the test of time and is now a museum where you can get a glimpse of the Ranchero life.

1848 – California is sold to US via the US/Mexico Treaty.

1850 – California becomes 31st US State after heated debate in congress.

Ventura China Alley
1865 - Instrumental in building railroads across California, Chinese immigrants settle in Ventura County. China Alley establishes on Figueroa St (across from the Mission). The alley contains temples, tea-houses, infamous gambling halls and even its own fire brigade. By the 1870’s an anti-Chinese movement forces Chinese out of Figueroa Street. By the 1920s, the last of the Chinese settlements are burned down or removed. Many Chinese families move into nearby Ventura neighborhoods and eventually away from the county.

1866 – The city incorporates as part of Santa Barbara County. Spears Saloon (present day Capriccio’s on Main & Palm) serves as San Buenaventura’s official meeting hall.

Ventura Pier 1872
1872 – Venturans welcome their new pier. Prior to the pier, Venturans had to row out to pick up goods thrown overboard by cargo ships (don’t worry, people were carried). Quickly becoming the busiest port from San Pedro to San Francisco, horse-drawn carriages are used to haul products on and off the wharf daily. The wharf has undergone several renovations over the years due to shipping accidents, age and stormy seas.

1873 – It’s official! Ventura becomes its own county.

Ventura Train Depot
1887 - First train in Ventura History pulls into the new Ventura Depot on Front Street to much fanfare. Rumor has it that San Buenaventura shortens name to Ventura when it’s discovered the name is too long to fit onto the railway tickets and time boards. Today the location remains an empty lot overlooking the 101 freeway and the Pacific Ocean.

1890 - Union Oil Company formed with Thomas Bard as president (later California Senator). Ventura Avenue booms, producing over 90,000 barrels of oil per day at its peak in the 1920’s.

History of Two Trees, Ventura
1898 – The “Tale of Two Trees” begins. The two blue gum eucalyptus trees that overlook the city are beloved landmarks to Venturans as much as any other. One tree is part of a grove of 13 trees originally planted by Joseph Sexton and Owen Marron. By 1940 only five trees remained until vandals chopped down three trees. The trees were replanted bringing the total back to five. In 1956 vandals once again chopped down three trees leaving one original tree and one replacement tree standing. What’s left? Two Trees!

1900 – Livestock is the number one commodity but soon replaced by the Lima Bean, making Ventura the “Bean County of the Nation” with over 50,000 acres planted by 1920. Today, strawberries rule the day as Ventura’s county’s number one crop.

Bard Memorial Hospital
1902 – As a gift to the city,  the first American doctor in Ventura history, Dr. Cephas Bard and Sen. Thomas Bard open Elizabeth Bard memorial hospital (located on the corner of Fir and Poli). Dr. Bard’s professional dedication, kindness and equal treatment of all patients earn him immense popularity. Often accepting items as payment for services, Bard’s vast collection of Chumash artifacts are a major contribution to the Ventura County Historical Museum collection. Unfortunately, suffering from cancer, Bard is the first patient to die in the hospital only few months after its opening. Housing offices today, The “first modern hospital” in Ventura History is the only remaining Mission Revival building in town. Local legend has it that it the building is haunted by former patients and Dr. Bard.

EP Foster donates land for Seaside Park, Ventura
1909 – One of the most influential people in Ventura history, E.P. Foster, donates land for Seaside Park “as a public park and a place for recreation….and pleasure for the general public.”

1912 – With the help of EP Foster Gird Percy turns the Rincon Trail (“little more than a cow trail” alongside the sea) into the first automobile friendly highway, Rincon Highway. Prior to that, travelers waited out the high tide or traversed over the mountainous Casitas Pass (unless it was winter) to traverse between Ventura and Santa Barbara.

Old Ventura County Courthouse
1913Ventura County Courthouse opens on Poli Street (serving as the Ventura County Courthouse thru the 1960s. Today, the courthouse serves as Ventura City Hall.

1917The Ventura County Fair moves from Port Hueneme to Seaside Park.

History of Grant Park Cross
1918 – Kenneth and Tonie Grant donate 107 hillside acres to the City of San Buenaventura. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the city below, Grant Park is one of the most picturesque parks in Ventura. The cross on top of the park was first erected in 1782 as a marker for those traveling to Ventura. The cross has been replaced many numerous times over the years, the most recent in 1941. Today, the park is privately owned by San Buenaventura Heritage, Inc. and is a favorite for romantic picnics.

father juniperro serra statue
1936 - Statue of founding Father Juan Junipero Serra is placed in front of the Ventura County Courthouse.

Tortilla Flats Mural, Ventura
1950 – The remaining residents in the area known as Tortilla Flats are displaced by the Ventura Freeway. The multi-cultural neighborhood of working class Mexican, Chumash, African American and “dustbowl” Anglo-Americans who lived along Figueroa and Garden Street contributed greatly to the social, cultural and political Ventura history. In its hey-day, the area was a lively neighborhood that attracted some of the biggest band acts of the era including Tommy Dorsey and Chuck Berry. A mural located underneath the freeway overpass celebrates this neighborhood as an integral part of Ventura history not to be forgotten.

1960 – The construction of the 101 Freeway diverts travelers away from Main Street, greatly reducing tourism. Many businesses suffer, but downtown becomes popular among antique and thrift store bargain hunters.

Downtown Ventura
Present Day – Revitalization of Downtown. A theater and a business boom of boutiques, art studios, eateries, nightlife and urban housing breathe new life into downtown Ventura. Mixing the old with the new, city planners work to maintain Ventura history with the tastes and demands of the modern world.

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Robert Kennedy's 1968 Presidential big -- campaign rally at Buenaventura Mall 
June 1968 -- Does anyone remember when Robert Kennedy and his wife, Ethel, and their dog, Freckles, stopped at the Buenaventura Mall to speak to a crowd …

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What political events happened between 1902 and 1908?

Have you seen these aerial photos of Ventura and the rest of the county.... 
These photos and more can be seen at These photos have been archived in a drawer fro 30 years and recently released!

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What type of tree is that HUGE tree in Mission Park?

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Gap in TWO TREES' history? 
When I lived in Ventura, fom 1963 through 1971, there were three trees.It was called "Three Trees" the whole time I lived there, and I hiked up there many …

The first High School 
History of "Ventura Senior High School"

May Henning School 
Not sure when or why it was torn down - what a waste to lose such beautiful schools

Pierpont's history as a dump? 
Was the area that now holds the richest folks in the county, the area of Pierpont Elementary,historically the site of the town dump, much like it was down …

underground jail underneath capriccio 
do you know anything about this? It runs along Main Street and there is access in the building next to cappricio by a trap door that leads to the stairs …

Underwater viewing  
I went on a field-trip to the harbor once as a youth to a underwater viewing of the harbor in a building with a gift shop on top and windows below the …

i want interesting facts on earthquake in ventura

West Ventura 
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May henning school 100 east santa clara. ventura 
any photos 1945-1960? when did it close and why? i went there in early 50's.

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Valentine Dairy 
Does anyone have pictures?

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merle's drive-in pictures of 1950's 
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Rexall Drug Store in Ventura 
Here's the picture of my Dad's drugstore at California & Main. I'm not sure when it was taken but he bought the store around 1947/48. I'm including a …

Five Trees 
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the building 2575 vista del mar near seward ave?  
What was it originally before the affinity group? And is it haunted?

Ventura, city and County, in 1948, 49 
Am writing a crime novel featuring a rookie Ventura policeman in the late 1940s. Was there any local skulduggery during that time that I might use as subplot …

Ventura Pier 
At one point didn't the pier extend off Seaward ave?

Figueroa Street neighborhood 1930-1960 
I'm looking for information and pictures for Figueroa Street from 1930-1960. My father's family owned homes there during that time. Martin Hernandez …

HIstory of Mayors 
When was Frank J. Dennis Mayor of Ventura?

name of store 
Trying to remember the name of the toy store that use to be located on main, across the street from the mission....

Heard of Jeff and Helen Boyd 
Heard of Jeff and Helen Boyd and Walter Ray Beene one of the 1st Brokers in ventura?

tidal wave 
Did a tidal wave hit the Ventura coast coming to about the top of the coastal bluffs - c. 30 - 40 feet? In what year? What caused it? My grandmother …

History of Ventura Ave. area. 
Are there any pictures of the area. Specificly 124 West Park Row Ave. and or history?

history of babe, douglas kathreen dent of the dent ranch 
was the first poker house and repubican house on 400 franklin lane. and sold to ramona ramirez medrano until the area was redisign

who was the first mayor of Ventura?

native americans in casitas springs 
was there ever a rancheria or reservation or onclave of native americans in casitas springs? if so, could they have been related to oklahoma indians? …

Casitas Springs and Railroad 
What is the history of Casitas Springs/Parkview Drive, including the railroad that would have passed through Casitas Springs? Are there old photos of this …

Mill School 
What is the history of Mill School (now gone) on North Ventura Ave?

Flood of Ventura River 
When was the flood in 1962?

Casitas Pass Road between Lake Casitas and Carpinteria 
Was there a school on Casitas Pass Rd (Hwy 150) between the east and west Pass? I believe there was one, but don't know the dates.

Balboa Middle School 
For years, there have been rumors at Balboa that the school used to be a women's prison. Is this true? If not, when was the school built, and did the …

Rancho Santa Ana 
I would like to know more about Ramon Gonzales de la Riva and his family who owned Rancho Santa Ana for a time in the 1870s. What role did he play in …

EP amd Orpha Foster 
Both EP Foster and Orpha Woods were born in Illnois but they were married in Ventura in August of 1874. When and where did they first meet? Was it back …

Drug store on California and Main 
I'm interested in knowing about the drug store with the fountain located on the corner of California and Main Street during the 1950's. Do you know where …

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name of restaurant 
back in the 1960's there was a hawaiian restaurant that was way ahead of its time for the Ventura area It was located in the Wagon Wheel area and some …

"Hey You" 
Does anyone have information regarding the "Hey You" coffee house that was located on Thompson Blvd in the late 1960's? Musicians like Taj Mahal, Canned …

The Santa Ana Valley Ranchos before Casitas dam and Casitas lake. 
What was the name and/or number of the road that went up coyote creek and through the santa ana valley to casitas pass in 1952-1953. I remember traveling …

Ventura pictures in the 1950s and 1960s 
I'm doing research for my mother who is 90 now and lived in Ventura County during that time. I'd love to get pics of the area at that time. Thank you.

Cemetery Park 
I've heard that Cemetery Park found the graves of soldiers and laid them to rest somewhere else? Does anyone know the real story of Cemetery Park?

Shore Acres Trailer Park- Tortilla Flats 1940's 
As a child, my mother lived in Shore Acres Trailer Park at 209 E. River Street from 1947-1949. Does anyone have pictures of that area or information that …

Carl j Wallace & Blanche Pauline Leoni Wallace 
My Grandfather, Roy R. Wallace Sr., his brother Carl and Paul Wallace were all in Ventura Police Drpt. Investigations, fingerprints, patrol, cb communication. …

alternative history. 
surely venturas history goes farther back than the white mans version,and all there glorious accomplishments,can you give some info to the spanish land …

Ventura school for girls 
Looking for any information about the "California School for Girls" located at Ventura, California on the 1920 US census.

Paved roads Not rated yet
When was Main Street first paved?

Frank A Colston Girls home on Hillmunt Ventura. Ca. Not rated yet
Where is there info about The Colston home in the 70's?

Street name origins Not rated yet
Who was Poli, after whom Poli Street was named?

Birth certificate for 1957 for Mary sue Salinas Not rated yet
We are trying to find records of the birth of Mary sue Salinas, or the father, the birth certificate we got has so much untrue info

Queen Anne Victorian House Moved from California Street to Vince Street Not rated yet
The house I grew up in, a Victorian-era house that was originally on California Street near Thompson Blvd., was moved, I think, sometime in the 1940s to …

Water fountains in Main Street Not rated yet
Back in the early 70s there were water fountains in the center dividers on Main Street between Mills and 5 points. Due to the draught they were later filled …

SkateLand Not rated yet
Does anybody have pictures of Skateland?

ventura V Not rated yet
When was the V put on the hill and by who. I have talked to a gentleman who said as a high school project they would repaint or white wash the V. He is …

ventura V Not rated yet
When was the V put on the hill and by who. I have talked to a gentleman who said as a high school project they would repaint or white wash the V. He is …

Old Ventura County Execution Building Not rated yet
In the lower parking lot behind City Hall in Ventura, CA, there is an old, small and closed building near the annex building. The small building has asbestos …

redman's donut shop pictures next to the old bus station Not rated yet
Do you have any pictures of the old bus station and the restaurant next to it. It was called Redman's and my grandparents ran it until they retired .

murder of inmate revelez at the Ventura County jail on poli st Not rated yet
A murder occurred at the Ventura jail when it was on Poli street trying to find out more.

Chinese Gardens  Not rated yet
Does anyone remember the Chinese Gardens Restaurant across from the Old Mission? It was old in the '50's, and had cubicles with doors to close off for …

Christmass in Ventura Not rated yet
I would like to see some photos of the Main Street Christmas decorations in Ventura in the 50's and 60's

the sidecar restaurant Not rated yet
I'd like to know if anyone has ever died at the sidecar restaurant in Ventura California, in the past 1930's to now (2016)?

tunnels in ventura under main street Not rated yet
are there tunnels under main street? if so what were they used for?

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1930s and 40s politics Not rated yet
What were the local politics of the county like in those times? Did we have mayors? Who were they?

aurora vista del mar hospital ventura ca Not rated yet
History on Aurora vista del mar hospital

Gold Not rated yet
Does any one know of the Gold rush at Emma wood beach late 1800?

histroy of 165 el medio st 1927-1960 Not rated yet
who lived in the house at 165 el medio street ventura ca in 1927 -1960?

Pictures os mountain cross and hole in side of mountain of rocklite. Not rated yet
Does any one have Pictures of the Mountain Cross at night and Daylight ? and pictures of The hole in the Mountain seen from Ventura ave and the Elementary …

Ventura Train Station Not rated yet
When was the Ventura Depot abandoned?

street name and numbers Not rated yet
Was there ever a street address of 185 W. Main street in Ventura? And what year did the name change from Camino Real to Main street?

Ventura Avenue School  Not rated yet
When was Ventura Avenue school built? When was it abandoned?

stagecoach inn in Pierpont Not rated yet
There is an older building on Pittsfield Lane in Pierpont that is said to have been a stagecoach inn and built in the early 1900's. Do you have any history …

Looking for memories anyone might have of Dave & Susie Glass from Indiana, 1958-1970 Not rated yet
Looking for memories or pictures anyone might have of Dave & Susie Glass from Indiana, 1958-1970. In 1958-1965 (Dad in Seabees) they lived in Port Hueneme …

Ventura boarding house Not rated yet
Information on the Smith boarding house Ventura California. Trying to find out where the location of this building was and any other information.

Skating rink on California Not rated yet
Was it call the Bath house

1872 Courthouse location Not rated yet
Where was the original 1872 Ventura county courthouse located--the one before the 1913 one on Poli

History of the development of Pierpont Beach Not rated yet
Who developed the houses that were built in the '50's? Were there houses that were built earlier?

The Cunnane Tract Not rated yet
Do you have any information about Dr. Thomas E Cunnane, his wife Ellen Blair, and the tract of land known as the Cunnane Tract? My husband is the grandson …

Streets Not rated yet
Who found bard lane street in ventura

Grant Park Not rated yet
Isn't Grant Park still a public city owned Park? I believe only the Serra Cross was purchased by San Buenaventura Heritage (after an atheist from San …

Ventura train station and railroad housing Not rated yet
When was the station demolished and why ? Who lived in the railroad housing? Do you have pictures?

name of a school Not rated yet
what was the name of the girls nursing school that use to be in Ventura ca. in 1973. Trying to locate someone from of old. e-mail …

County records damaged at city hall Not rated yet
When county records were kept at the current city hall location, were records damaged by flood or fire? When did this happen?

Pierpont annexation Not rated yet
When was Pierpont annexed to the city?

The de leon hotel on main street Not rated yet
Hi so i found in old picture of a really big hotel that was on main street in the 30's ? Or 60's in ventura called the hotel de leon or rose hotel before …

Day Road. Not rated yet
Does anyone know the history of Day road in ventura? Ive heard that it was an Apricot ranch but not sure, also what is the history of the Day family...Thank …

General store on Chestnut st, Ventura, CA Not rated yet
Where was the General store located on Chestnut Street? What were the years it was in operation?

Eric Ericksons Viking Carving Not rated yet
Does anyone know what happened to the Viking Carving that stood in front of Eric Erickson's Restaurant, both on Seaward Avenue and when they moved to the …

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The old pet store next to Ventura toys  Not rated yet
What was the name of the old pet store next to Ventura toys back in the 60's and early 70's

business inquiry  Not rated yet
does anyone remember a dog grooming business in ventura by the name of PIERPONT POODLES?

boarding house in 1964 Not rated yet
I'm looking for information on any boarding houses the we had around 1964.

ventura mission Not rated yet
Who is the owner of the ventura mission now

Elizabeth Bard memorial hospital  Not rated yet
IS the place really haunted ?

The "Walton House" Not rated yet
Do you know the history of the "Walton House" on Palm near Thompson. Was it moved there from another site? James Sturgeon

Parr Kennard Not rated yet
Any information on Elizabeth Parr and Professor Kennard from 1890 to 1910?

Sexton Road name changed to Victoria Avenue Not rated yet
When we first moved to the housing tract across Telegraph Road from Buena High School in 1962, the upper portion of Victoria was known as Sexton Road (or …

Green Mill Ball Room Not rated yet
I have lived in Ventura since I was 10 months old. I am 73 now. When I was a very young kid, my parents used to go to dances and concerts at a place …

Coast Little League Not rated yet
I was wondering why they closed the field. It was located east of the current boys and girls club on the avenue. That was the place to be in the late …

Bradley ranch Not rated yet
Any photos of the original Bradley ranch on Bradley Road?

Old Avenue School Site Not rated yet
What is the address of the old Avenue School site?

What was the population of the city of Ventura in 1920? Not rated yet
What was the population of the city of Ventura in 1920?

do you have an Indian registry for Chumash Indian in Ventura Not rated yet
do you have a Indian registry for chumash Indians in Ventura

Downtown Hotels Not rated yet
Who is the Hamilton Hotel in downtown Ventura named after ?

Two Trees (Five Trees) Not rated yet
There is a well established hiking trail (path) going up to Two Trees. The sheriff's department are now agressively enforcing the "no trespassing" penal …

Two trees Not rated yet
In the 60's or 70's there was an album cover featuring the two trees. I am looking for the name of the album

Old wheels Not rated yet
Where can I find some old wheels in the Ventura County area?

San Buena Ventura Not rated yet
When will the city restore the original and historical name of San Buena Ventura??

Mayors Not rated yet
Is there a list of all the mayors? Roger Barr

merle's drive in ventura Not rated yet
what year did they close the doors

Ivory Tower Not rated yet
Do you know why the Ventura City Hall is called by many the Ivory Tower? Do you know why the administrative employees in the Ivory Tower are called the …

Prior mayor Not rated yet
Who was the mayor of Ventura in July, 1971?

famous explorers Not rated yet
are there any famous explorers

Vintage Footage of Venutra and surrounding cities. Does any exist? Not rated yet
Do any film reels of Ventura and surrounding cities exist? I have a hard time finding any pictures that are from the early 20th century. It would be awesome …

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Life in Ventura film  Not rated yet
I remember of a short film made in the late 1940's. They film a portion of that of children at the Ventura Park. Does anyone know anything about it and …

streets named after people Not rated yet
Is Donlon Road in Somis named after a particular family?

early schools Not rated yet
was there a normal school for girls in the early 1900's?

What was located at 490 N. Ventura Ave int he 1930's?

Sidecar Restaurant Not rated yet
What is the history of the Sidecar Restaurant? When did it first open?

ventura ave 1942 Not rated yet
Businesses on Ventura Ave. 1942

Seaside Super Service (gas station) - mid-1930's Not rated yet
I'm looking for any information on Seaside Super Service (gas station), Murray & Burfeind, Proprieters, in business in the mid-1930's. It was located …

names of local shells Not rated yet
What are the names of the local shells

santa ana road Not rated yet
Does anyone have pictures from the late twenties thru the fiftie of the fishing cabins on Santa Ana Road near Foster Park? I have a house at 8147 Santa …

Historical Photo Not rated yet
Would like to find a picture of what the hospital looked like in 1972.

city hall history Not rated yet
Many, many years ago an old timer said that the county could not decide where to or how to build the county building and courthouse. So a couple of business …

Shell Oil Company Not rated yet
What is the history of the Shell Oil Company in Ventura, CA.

Ventura County Medical Center Not rated yet
When was the present day VCMC built? Today my husband and I were at Reid's Appliance on Main Street. There was an amazing arial photo of Ventura in 1948 …

Chinese Terraces Not rated yet
Were there Chinese Terraces used for farming on the West hillside of Grant Park, near Cedar St. If there were any Chinese Terraces in Ventura in the 1800's …

Mayors of San Buenaventura Not rated yet
who was mayor in San Buenaventura in 1887 when the railroad came to town?

If you're looking for more information on Ventura history, try my favorite source, the research library at the Museum of Ventura County. Librarian Charles …

Many moons ago I remember seeing one or more of the faces (supposedly left over from the old Ventura Courthouse construction) attached to a building or …

Historical picture Not rated yet
Is there a historical picture of the Ventura area, specifically Seaward and Thompson before there were buildings?

Meryls Drive In Not rated yet
Does anyone have an old picture of Meryls Drive in i n Ventura? Other information such as when it was established and demolished would be helpful.

ventura california oil company  Not rated yet
I found a stock certificate for ventura california oil company that was issued in 1912. What happened to that company?

hat day Not rated yet
What year was hat day?

Vacant art deco building California Street Not rated yet
Why is the beautiful "new" building next door to Cafe Fiore on California Street downtown still vacant?

Ventura County Courthouse Tower Clock Not rated yet
During 1900 a Seth Thomas Tower Clock was intalled at the 1875 Ventura Courthouse on Santa Clara St. The clock was salvaged when the Courthouse was demolished …

when was ventura ave named  Not rated yet
When was Ventura avenue named and the year .

Ventura Avenue Bowling Alley Not rated yet
what was the address and what year did it open and close? Any other fun facts you might know. Thank you

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N. Ventura Annexation timeline Not rated yet
Over the years, parts of the N. Ventura Avenue have been annexed by the City of San Buenaventura, I think up to Ramona was in the 1960's and then later …

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