Featured Ventura Artists

Downtown and the West End have become Ventura's "Soho district", a vibrant community of artisians who create an inspiring array of art that enriches our lives. Here's  a few spotlights on some of these artisans that we've put together with the help of the Ventura Breeze and the WAV...

Jonathan Blackburn - RAWards Winner/Visual Arts
Jonathan's designs combine photography, custom photo shop brush design, traditional and contemporary pop-art and street-art mediums...Read more

Cliff Montgomery - RAWards Winner/Photography
Cliff's style of photography is a form of what’s called HDR or High Dynamic Range... "The camera can only capture a quarter of what the eye can so I take images of the same spot at different exposures. I try to make it so you might see as you would from the human eye."...Read more

Cirque Noir - RAWards Winner/Music
Part punk band, part vaudeville act, Tim Burton meets Rocky Horror Picture Show all rolled into one. Cirque Noir is essentially fun, dark, spooky, deep and quirky at the same time. Cirque Noir is not so much the musical band but a stage show...Read more

Sarah KalvinSarah Kalvin - Artist and Ventura Advocate
When Sarah Kalvin settled in Ventura in 2001, Venturans not only gained a talented new neighbor, but a community advocate. When you first meet Sarah, you know you’re in the presence of an artist. Her soft smile, open-minded eyes, and long hair...Read more

Tim HaufSonya Burke -
Art from the Soul
Sonya Burke’s sweet smile welcomes you to Art and Soul Studios at 271 South Laurel. Just follow the path of muddy footprints from the street down the alley to find a cozy front yard complete with a fountain and ceramic sculptures set up in the corner of the parking lot by the front door of the studio...Read more

Sarah KalvinJacqueline Woods - Photographer, Conceptual Artist
Jacqueline Woods describes herself as a “conceptual artist still practicing in the traditional photographic processes.” In lay terms, she lives, works, and creates photographs the old-fashioned way: in a dark room with paper, water, and the alchemy of light...Read more

Tim HaufTim Hauf - Professional Photographer
Professional Photographer, Tim Hauf may have grown up in North Dakota, but the 25-years spent in Ventura County have left him with an undeniable connection to the area. In an interview with the Ventura Star, he describes Ventura County as...Read more

Artist Len PoteshmanLen Poteshman - A career of variety in expression
Len Poteshman has been creating amazing art since before most of us were born, and not one to be bored, he has explored many mediums. Though he started out as a violinist, he reached his artistic stride with painting and sculpting...Read more

Johanna SpinksJohanna Spinks - Portrait artist
Ventura artist Johanna Spinks has a knack for portraits. She’s an expert, having studied for eight years with Everett Raymond Kinstler, master portraitist of seven US presidents...Read more

Jillian NyeJillian Nye - Hair Sculptor
Jillian Nye is an artist who designs her hair styles and makeup as creative expressions. A practicing cosmetologist for fourteen years, each time she picks up a straight razor and a comb, she looks at a head and pictures a vision...Read more

Colin Fraser GrayColin Fraser Gray
Colin Fraser Gray grew up in Paignton, a small town in southwest England. Drawing from an early age, he thought he might study to become an architect. Then he met Rembrandt (in a book) and something happened...Read more

Davey Miller - Local Artist-Surfer-Musician
Very few people know what they want to be when they’re in kindergarten. Davey Miller was clearly among the minority...Read more

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