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You'll find an incredible variety of inspiring art
by local artisans in the many Ventura Art Galleries...

Gallery V Ventura
Gallery V

540 E. Main Street
Ventura, CA
(Inside Very Ventura Gift Shop & Gallery)
Phone: 805-628-3540
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Downtown Ventura's newest  Fine Art Gallery!  Look for us inside Very Ventura Gift Shop & Gallery!

Bell Arts Factory
Bell Arts Factory

432 N. Ventura Ave.
Ventura, CA
Phone: 805-643-1960

Bell Arts Factory provides the Ventura community with a place to gather for arts and education, and offers exciting multicultural experiences for everyone. There are 27 Artist Studios open to the public on First Fridays of each month. Artists can be seen working or displaying their art. There's also a large Community room for classes,  performances, exhibitions and community meetings.

Buenaventura Art Gallery
Buenaventura Art Gallery

700 E. Santa Clara St.
Ventura, CA 

Ventura Counties longest established non profit artist group, founded in 1954. A Co-op of local talent in all stages of development, united to exhibit and sell art. Gallery exhibits include solo shows, BAA Member exhibits and open competitions. Exhibits rotate every 4 – 8 weeks.

Harbor Village Gallery
Harbor Village Gallery

Ventura Harbor Village, Suite 117C
Ventura, CA
Phone: 805-644-2750

A Buenaventura Art Association art space located in the Ventura Harbor Village. Fine handmade crafts, jewelry and one of a kind gift ideas at the Artisan Store. Solo shows and BAA Member exhibits rotate in the Gallery every 4-6 weeks.

The HUD Ventura
The HUD Gallery & Studios
1793 E. Main St.
Midtown Ventura, CA

The HUD is a 10,000 square foot vintage building completely dedicated to the arts. This unique environment embraces the creative minds of artists and invites visitors to discover their artistic inspirations.

Fox Fine Jewelry Art Gallery
Fox Fine Jewlery
560 E. Main St.
Ventura, CA
Phone: 805-652-1800

Owner and curator Debbie Fox closely follows the local burgeoning art scene, to bring fresh and established local artists to their gallery. Gallery hours are Mon - Thurs 10:30 - 7pm, Sat 10:30 - 10:00, Sun 12 - 6. Current show information can be viewed at

Stoneworks Studio and Gallery
Stoneworks Studio & Gallery

300 Ventura Avenue (corner Park Row/Wall St.)
Ventura, CA
Phone: 805-643-5431

The WAVE - Working Artists Ventura
The WAV (Working Artists Ventura)
175 S. Ventura Avenue
Ventura, CA

The WAV is a live-work art community offering affordable living and working space for 77 artists from 21 countries, who are painters, sculptors, dancers, musicians, writers, actors, filmmakers, and more.  The studios are open every First Friday of the month. You can feel the creativity in the air the moment you enter. 

Sylia White Gallery
Sylvia White Gallery

110 N. Olive Street
Ventura, CA
Phone: 805-643-8300

Art City Sudios
Art City Studios
197 Dubbers Street
Ventura, CA
Phone: 805-648-1690

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