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Tim Hauf
Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer, Tim Hauf may have grown up inTim Hauf Thacher Creek North Dakota, but the 25-years spent in Ventura County have left him with an undeniable connection to the area. In an interview with the Ventura Star, he describes Ventura County as:

“an intoxicating mix of farmland and open spaces…even the cities are quite different. We’ve got culture, we’ve got nature….there’s still lots of hidden places that most of us don’t realize.”

After leaving his career as a financial analyst, Tim found himself working as a ranch hand in the farming community of Somis, giving him enough time to take up photography. He has been honing his skills ever since.

His work has been seen in many publications and has led him to Canada, France, Japan, Italy, South Africa and many other exotic places. 

Luckily for us, he continues to find Ventura an inspiring choice. He showcases his vast collection in his book: Ventura County, "Land of Everlasting Summers".

Historical fact: After landing near present day Point Mugu in 1542, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, reported to the queen that he had found the “land of everlasting summers.” In truth, the indigenous natives had already found the diverse landscape of the region suitable for living generations before European discovery and numbered in the thousands.

Want to see more of Tim's stunning photography? Check out his website.

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