Surfers Point and Ventura Beach

At California Street and Harbor Blvd

Also known as C-street, Surfers point is located between the Crowne Plaza and Ventura’s Seaside Park, and earns its name by the numerous surfers who flock to this beach each day, 12 months out of the year.

The cobblestones deposited by the Ventura River and large waves do not make Surfers Point popular for swimming.

However, Ventura Beach, which is just a few steps away (near the Crown Plaza and Pier) provides that opportunity. My step-daughter gives the playground near the pier high marks so this beach is an easy call if you have kids.
The promenade at C-Street also makes for a fun place to stroll or people watch since there’s always something going on here, especially in the summer.

I’ve heard that Embassy Suites has plans to develop a luxury hotel at the corner of Harbor and Figueroa. But there is much work to do before their plans will be finalized.

Tip: If you want a day at the beach without the fuss of lugging the snack cooler, the beach chairs, umbrella and towels, The Yellow Umbrellas (located near the pier) may be more your style.

For $20.00, you’ll get an umbrella rental, 2 chairs and beach towels. There’s a snack trailer on site serving pizza, ice-cream and cold drinks.

If you forgot your sunscreen, you can purchase that here too. In fact, all you have to do is have to do is bring your swimwear!
UPDATE - Sadly, Yellow Umbrellas is no longer in business.

Historical Fact: The multi-level parking lot located at the end of California Street was once a popular bathhouse filled with fresh ocean water. Locals enjoyed swimming, dance lessons and later a skating rink on this site before it was torn down in 1957.

Cost: Parking is $2.00 per hour, $8.00 all day.

Tip: If you dine at the promenade restaurants they will validate your parking ticket and your parking fees will be waived.

Getting There: From U.S. 101 North, exit California Street, turn left towards the beach, make a left at Harbor and a quick right into the toll parking structure. You can also turn at Harbor and look for parking along the side streets. From the U.S. 101 South, exit Main Street, turn left on Garden and follow the road around to Thompson Blvd. Turn right on California street and follow the directions above.

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