Spencer Makenzies Fish Company

806 East Thompson Blvd
(805) 643-8226

Not far from downtown’s Main Street you’ll find a small seafood restaurant in a boat-shaped building. Lucky for us, owner John Karayan had a dream of opening a budget friendly quality seafood restaurant and has dedicated the last 20 years perfecting unique seafood dishes. According to My Space, John’s heroes include “All of those brave fishermen who supply us with the catch of the day.” The proof is in the menu!

Before finding a permanent home on Thompson Blvd, Spencer Mackenzie’s was already a hit at local events and county fairs (winning the best concession award at the Santa Barbara County fair).

Their signature dishes include: Ceviche and the Giant Fish Taco: A large flour tortilla filled with tempura fish, cabbage, cilantro, bell peppers and their trade secret sauce. Meals run from $3.00 to $9.75. Click here for a full menu.

Most of their own sauces are handmade as is their salsas. My top pick is their homemade clam chowder (which rivals the best of any New England chowder, I’ve ever tasted!). No doubt, however, it’s the giant fish tacos that keep ‘em coming back! The restaurant prides itself on being a healthier choice to fast food fare and use only Sushi grade fish in their menu. They hand dip the tempura fish to order and use wholesalers who offer only the freshest of products. They also credit their young son and daughter (for whom the restaurant is named) as inspiration for being environmentally conscious as well. The cooking oil they use is donated for biodiesel fuel and their plates, cups and utensils made of biodegradable materials.

The popularity of this restaurant makes it a little crowded at times but you’ll find comfortable seating in the indoor dining area and counter. There is also outdoor seating available.

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