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by Detour

Was there a Safeway on Hill & Telegraph at one point? I've been brainstorming on what used to be where in several shopping centers, from Ralph's at Petit and Telephone, to the Blockbusters around town, to Albertson's on Kimball and Telegraph. I'm not %100 sure, but I swear there was a Safeway grocery store at the Telegraph and Victoria center, by Balboa middle school.
Being in my late 30's, I grew up in Ventura through the 80's and 90's. I vaguely remember the Gin Mill restaurant, on Victoria, where IHOP currently resides. Dimly lit, with it's smoking and non-smoking sections. The water wheel slowly rotating on the buildings exterior. I remember renting VHS movies with my mom from Plaza Video, right there in the same shopping center where TJ's is now. I can still smell the plastic/chemical smell when I'd excitingly pop open the bulky plastic case of Raiders of the Lost Ark, or The Terminator. I still remember the makeshift BMX tracks that graced the dirt lots across Victoria that is now the Ralphs shopping center.
There was a small video shop next to where Winco is now, along with a Best department store, where I got several of my favorite Transformers and my first AH 64 Apache flight sim for Commodore 64!
I even remember watching Return of the Jedi and Max Doogan Returns at Ventura theatre when it still showed movies. I saw The Right Stuff and Spaceballs at the Fox twin, I believe it was called, on Mills rd.
Glad I found this site! Reading everyone's descriptions of their memories has added a whole other dimension to the city I grew up in. I love hearing, or reading others experiences. My parents moved here in '69 when Ventura was mostly orchards and fields.
I'm planning on visiting the museums in the area to get into the history of all the people that dwelled around here over the centuries. In the meantime, I'm still trying to place that Safeway!

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Apr 18, 2018
Safeway NEW
by: Greg

Believe you are thinking of Victoria Plaza at corner of Victoria and Telegraph. Center was remodeled years ago with Vons now in area where Lumber City was. Sav-On Drug is now a CVS. Safeway side now is a bunch of different things. McDonald's and Burger King are still in same spots.

Apr 20, 2018
Cool thanks! NEW
by: Detour

Thanks! Yeah, that was the Victoria center I was thinking of. I vaguely recall the lumber store, but I definitely remember Safeway/Vons being parallel to Hill Road. Any other info on commercial, or even residential buildings that used to be in Ventura, let me know. Take care!

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