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Roman Candle Wars

By Michael Kohli

Greetings to all you fellow music fans out there! Thanks for stopping by my column. There is a new band I must tell you about. Roman Candle Wars. First off, you've got to love the name. And this band is incredible. Had the honor of booking them a few times this year. Most recently, we gigged together in November at The Borderline in Thousand Oaks. Sharing the variety show bill were acts such as: 8Stops7, The Calamity, Delaney Gibson, Happens Again..., and Arrica Rose. People seemed to be amazed by Roman Candle Wars once they took the stage. Roman Candle Wars' band members include: Gregory Azbell – Vocals, Guitar / Dan Ekblad – Vocals, Guitar / Joseph Mota – Drums. The music is sort of what you'd get if you blend in Muse and Franz Ferdinand together. Live on stage, this band is amazing. Check out their recent video clips and songs on

Ventura's going through some changes?

Le Meu Le Purr announced last week in the promotion of their show at Rock City News that they this gig would be their final show as Le Meu Le Purr.
Roman Candle Wars bandRoman Candle Wars – a new band in town
Photo courtesy of Bryce Marck

I stopped by to see them last weekend, and even though they had a few tech problems in the beginning, they delivered a flawless show. Talking with fans on Facebook – it was sad to hear them say farewell to the band name. However, they do have two albums released under the name. But, to each is own. Looking forward to the new name and new music they have been working on. Stay tuned for more info.

The Dirty (aka The Dirty Vinyl) has officially changed hands again. The former bar known as Pangaea Nightclub has returned to reclaim the venue spot. The Dirty Vinyl sign out front has officially been taken down! Stay tuned here as well.

Thank you sooo much for your time!

Michael Kohli

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