Rincon Beach Parkway

Pacific Coast Highway (between Hobson & Faria)

While the 101 freeway and train tracks lie just to one side of the Rincon Beach Parkway, it’s the endless ocean view on the other side that attracts RV-ers to this spot year-round.

The parkway comprises of 127 paved parking spots above a sandy beach that disappears during high tide. You will have to rock-hop down to the beach.

Once on the beach, the rocks and the row of RVs provide privacy and a noise barrier from the highway.

This is a first-come first serve primitive style campground with no hookups, water, showers, flushable toilets or campfire pits (But the rocks do make great makeshift firepits).

No tent camping is allowed and there’s one RV plus one vehicle limit per site. There’s no park ranger on site, pay by slipping cash or check in a deposit box.

The area is patrolled regularly and the fines are hefty if payment is not made. There’s usually good camaraderie among the campers, who look out for one another’s space and property.

Rincon Beach camping at night

Rincon Beach Parkway remains one of my all-time favorite places to RV camp. For me, nothing beats waking up in the morning to the smell of bacon while sipping freshly brewed coffee, taking in the cool ocean air and the spectacular views.

Time always seems to slow down here. The occasional passing trains may wake light sleepers, but for me they just add to the camping experience here. That's my dad on guitar supplying the ambiance.

  • Camping spaces 1 thru 10 are within easy walking distance to Faria Beach.
  • Avoid spaces 4 thru 19, where a tide wall separates campers from the beach.
  • Day parking spots are available beyond space 127 from 7am to 9pm. No over night camping is permitted. The $175 fine enforces this policy.

Cost: $25.00 per site.

Don't have your own RV or tent?
Here's how to enjoy a Camping Adventure the easy way!

Getting There: Exit U.S. Hwy 101 at the Seacliff exit. Turn right onto Seacliff which will put on the PCH. Continue south. Rincon Parkway is located between Faria & Hobson.

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