Ocean Kayaking off Ventura's Coast

Do you love a beautiful coastline?
Try seeing it from a kayak for a brand new experience!

The diverse terrain of Ventura's beautiful coastline make it a kayak wonderland. You can start by paddling in the calm waters of the Ventura Harbor, and then venture out to one of the nearby beaches of your choice.

sea caves - rock formation
And if you really want to treat yourself to something special, explore the sea caves of Santa Cruz Island by kayak, you'll discover a whole new world.  Check out these pictures and read about Our First Sea Cave Kayak Adventure.

But words and pictures can never do it justice, you have to experience it for yourself!

Never tried it before?  Go on, live a little!  But I warn you, you may get hooked.

Here's how to get started:

Kayak Instruction and Adventure Packages:


Where to Rent Kayaks:

Harbor area:
        Harbor Boat Rentals
        1575 Spinaker Dr.
        Ventura, CA 93001

    To the Islands:
        Channel Islands Kayak Center
        1691 Spinaker Dr.
        Ventura, CA 93001

Gettting to Santa Cruz Island:

Island Packers - Ventura Harbor
        1691 Spinaker Dr. Suite 105B
        Ventura, CA 93001

Here's some quick Kayaking basics:

kayaking basics

Read about Our First Sea Cave Kayak Adventure

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