Let's Talk Wine with Eric Garnier
November 2011

Thanksgiving Wines

 It's hard to believe that summer is over! With the shorter and cooler days ahead, my wine drinking patterns start changing. Gone are the early evening whites such as Chardonnay, Fume, Pinot Grigio and other great varietals that I was drinking regularly.

Before my next newsletter, Thanksgiving will be the next big wine holiday. It is also the biggest wine buying holiday of the year, which means we all need to start stocking up quickly. Traditionally, the wines most consumed for the turkey or ham dinner are Pinot Noir and Reisling.

Pinot Noirs come from several different growing regions. France (Burgundy), New Zealand, Chile, Oregon, and California being the leading growers. While I do love a variety of Pinots from the various regions, I seem to fall back on the Pinots from the Central Coast area of California. Santa Maria, Santa Rita Hills, and Bien Nacido are areas that produce great Pinots. My next favorite come from Oregon and France.

Rieslings sales spike during the Thanksgiving holiday. This wine is a favorite for many to complement the turkey meal. Major producing regions are California, Alsace (France) and Germany. The style ranges from dry to very sweet, so it is important to ask your retailer for the style you prefer. I personally like a dry Reisling from Alsace or again from the Central Coast.

 Beaujolais Nouveau is the last wine that needs to be discussed for the holiday meal. This wine is a huge custom through out the world . On the third Thursday of November every year, this wine is is available for sale. It is a light, young wine that is fermented for a few days, then goes straight to the bottle, shipped and ready for consumption. Gamay is the only grape used and they are the only region that is hand picked other than the Champagne region. This wine is lighter in alcohol and could be served chilled.

Enjoy your holiday meal and try these wines.
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