Let's Talk Wine with Eric Garnier
May 2011

Finding Local Wines Off the Trail

Recently I was tasting wine at one of the tasting rooms on the Ventura Wine Trail. When I asked the owner where I could buy his wine, I was informed that there were few establishments in the area that sold their wines. That put me on a quest to find the shops and restaurants that supported these family run wineries.

The Ventura Wine Trail is represented by several wineries from Malibu to Ojai. Going to the wineries to taste the wines is always a fun thing to do, especially with summer just around the corner and many wineries open longer hours. Some wineries also allow picnics, while others have music on certain nights. This is the best way to taste all of the wine from the Wine Trail.

Many of these wineries are closed during the week and only open weekends. So, if you don’t have any of these wines at home ready to open and drink, the question comes up as to where you can buy or have their wines.

With just over 3000 producing wineries in California, it is very hard for retailers, restaurants and wine bars to pick a selected few that they can carry. In this article, I have tried to narrow down where our local wines are served in the Ventura area. Each of the establishments listed below carry some variety from the Wine Trail. This list is always changing and I am sure that I left someone off the list. So, next time you are going out for a nice meal or need to buy a bottle, check out these establishments...

Wine Bars:
  • The Wine Rack (Formerly Weaver Wines) - 14 S. California St, Ventura  (805) 653-9463
  • Andres Wine and Tapas Bar - 1575 Spinnaker Dr, Ventura  (805) 642-9463
  • Barrel 33 (Formerly Wine Lovers) - 1067 E. Thompson Blvd, Ventura (805) 652-1810
  • My Florist Wine Café & Bar - 76 South Oak St, Ventura  (805) 653-0011
  • Suzanne’s - 502 W. Ojai Ave, Ojai  (805) 640-1961

  • Wades Wines - 30961 W. Agoura Rd, Ste 321, Westlake Village  (818) 597-9463
  • BevMo - 103 S. Mills Rd, Ste 103, Ventura  (805) 642-7317
  • The Cave (also a great wine bar) - 4435 McGrath St, Ventura  (805) 642-9449
  • Paradise Pantry - 677 E.Main St, Ventura  (805) 641-9440

  • Café Zack - 1095 E. Thompson Blvd, Ventura  (805) 643-9445
  • Safire - 4850 Santa Rosa Rd, Camarillo  (805) 389-1227
  • Candle Light - 211 E Santa Clara St, Ventura  (805) 643-3264
  • Café Firenze - 563 W. Los Angeles Ave, Moorpark  (805) 532-0048
  • Café Fiore - 66 South California St, Ventura  (805 ) 653-1266
  • Sidecar - 3029 E. Main St, Ventura (805) 653-7433
  • 71 Palm - 71 N. Palm St, Ventura  (805) 653-7222
  • Tierra Sur @ Herzog - 3201 Camino Del Sol, Oxnard  (805) 983-1560
  • Larsen’s Grill - 1555 Simi Town Center Way, Simi Valley  (805) 522-4800
  • Watermark - 598 E. Main St, Ventura  805-643-6800
A Votre Sante !!!

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