Let's Talk Wine with Eric Garnier
Current June 2012

Tasting Ventura

It amazes me how the city of Ventura has changed since I came her almost 25 years ago. Back then, good restaurants were non existent, let alone was there such a thing as a wine bar or a beer pub.

Welcome to now! Restaurants come and go, but the quality has greatly improved. We Venturians now have choices and variety. What also is pleasing to all of us is the infusion of establishments where one can sit done with friends and have a glass of wine or a pint of beer.

At last count, there were 17 wineries on the Ventura Wine Trail. These small, family owned wineries that stretch from Malibu to Ojai, are all open to the public for wine tastings. If you go, be sure to check their web sites for open hours of operation.

Then, we have our own local wine bars. these include, The Cave, with it's wonderful wine dispensing units, Barrel 33, The Wine Rack, and Paradise Pantry. All of these places also serve food, which makes them wonderful places to go and just hang out.

If wine is not your thing, Ventura now has two of its own brew houses. Anacapa Brewery has been around for a while, but new to our town is Surf Brewery. And, if those two aren't enough to quench your beer buds, try Barrelhouse 101. Though they don't brew there, they have 101 beers on tap at all times.


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