Let's Talk Wine with Eric Garnier
January 2013

Happy New Year! OTSB

It's hard to believe that another year has gone by. All the parties, celebrations and holidays all came and went with a blink of an eye.

As I reflect back on the holidays at our house, I think about the great times I had with friends and family. I also think about the great wines that we drank. I tend to wait for special occasions to bring out "The Good Stuff". Magnums, double magnums, older vintages, wines purchased at the wineries or on overseas vacations.

This brings up an interesting point. Why do most people wait for the holidays to open that special bottle of wine? How many times have we kept that special bottle of wine too long, only to have it disappoint us when we serve it? With that being said, why not make promises to ourselves to open that special bottle more often.

 Even with a wine storage storage unit or wine cellar, 1-2% of wines go bad. Usually, a bad cork is the culprit. More and more winemakers are making their wines to be consumed early, so the wines that can age for a long time are becoming the exception rather than the rule. I have a new rule in our house. If I am aging wines, I will try not to store a wine longer than 10 years. That way, I have less changes of the wine coming tainted, and, I make room for new wines to go into the cellar. Too often, I have kept wines too long, only to be disappointed the the wine has gone "over the hill". The wine has gone flat, lacking fruit flavors, or even getting oxidized.

I wish all my readers a safe and sound New Year and hope that you started it with that special bottle of wine, or bubbly, and remember, OTSB.... Open that special bottle!


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