Let's Talk Wine with Eric Garnier
August 2012

How Green is your Wine?

Americans drank about 300 million cases of wine last year! So you can imagine the carbon foot print that this creates. It is the responsibility of every wine consumer to do his part to help in the reduction of wine items ending up in landfills. I have collected a few facts and thoughts that I thought might be interesting to all my readers.

The by product of winemaking, the seeds and stems, is called pomace. The pomace can end up as grape seed oil, marc or grappa, used in making a secondary wine, but most common is the adding of the pomace to compost.

As I mentioned above, of the 300 million cases of wine purchased, only 30% of the bottles end up in the landfill. That glass ends up being recycled into other glass products or ends up in construction material such as asphalt.

 What about all those corks? There are so many ideas about this subject. I've seen wreaths, table tops and many other arts and craft items. I've also seen them in flower pots and small planters all spread out and used instead of mulch. It works great in keeping the weeds suppressed and helps keep the moister in.

I recently met with Phil Kuhn whose business is the recycling of used oak wine barrels into unique, usable furniture. With the staves Phil makes chairs, benches, legs for the tables. The tops and bottoms of the barrels are transformed into beautiful lazy susan food trays. Each piece is a one-of-kind, as no two pieces are exactly alike. The name of his company is "Wine Decor" and you can view and buy his creations at TLC Home Furnishings on Main Street in downtown Ventura.

Enjoy that next bottle of wine but be sure to recycle that bottle and find good uses for those corks!

I will be skipping my September issue because my wife and I will be in France and Italy. More on that when I get back!


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