Let's Talk Wine with Eric Garnier
April 2013

Prego, prego, prego!

On my recent trip to Northern Italy, I relearned how much I like the Italian wines. With a trip that started in the northern town of Turin, my wife and I spent three weeks exploring the north of Italy, finishing our trip in Venice.

We chose not to make any daily reservations because we wanted to be free to pick and choose our daily trips. This turned out to be so much fun because it allowed us to stop in places that were hardly on the map. Aside for the history, the beauty and the people, we were blown away at how good the food and the wines were. I found that a part of me had missed out on so many Italian wines that I had not tried in the past.

Every lunch and dinner was an experience. The wines of Italy seemed to me to be more "food friendly" than wines from other continents. Borolo, Barbera, Valpolicella, Brunello, Amarone, Roso, and Barbaresco only to name a few. TheseNorthern Italy wine country wine are lucious, fruity and many times lower in alcohol than some our big wines here. There were so many other blends that I could not even begin to mention them all. Whether we were having a pizza for lunch or meat or fish, there was always a great wine to accompany the meal. Some of the best wine that we had were from producers that we had never heard of.

Don't get me wrong. I love my big California cabs, or a good Bordeaux or a Cote du Rhone. But what I got out of this trip, is that we should never limit ourselves when it comes to trying something different. There were several occasions when I had to ask our waiter for a recommendation. Every time the suggestion was perfect.

On the Ventura Wine Trail, many of the wineries are growing and bottling Italian varietal wines. Be sure to try these wines when visiting their tasting rooms. I promise that you will like what they are making.

Until next month............. PREGO!


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