Let's Talk Wine with Eric Garnier
April 2012

Where do YOU shop for your wine?

We are creatures of habit when we shop.most of us go to the same grocery store on the same day every week to get what we need for the week. And, most of us buy our wine at the grocery store because it's there and it's convenient. The grocery chains also carry the same old every day wines that are mostly recognizable names.

On top of that, we have chains offering 30-40% off if you buy six or more bottles. So, that sounds great, doesn't it? NOT !!!!

Along comes this great little wine shop right in our own back yard called " Ventura Wine Company". Started in 2001 by local Nick Fisher, this little store has grown from a small location next to the DMV, to his current location on Telephone. The store carries almost 1000 different wines with a heavy influence on California wineries. The prices here are well below the supermarket prices, even after their so called discounts. Nick is always looking for highly acclaimed and highly rated wines as well as special deals that lure his customers into the store week after week. His knowledgeable staff is always there to inform the customers of the latest and greatest wine that "just came in".

In addition to the Ventura location, Nick also has a store about 20 miles up the coast called "Carpinteria Wine Co". Same great selection, same low prices.

The Ventura location is also home to the fantastic eatery called " The Cave". Here you can eat some of the finest food in Ventura, and taste several wine on the enomatic wine machines which allows you to taste before you buy. Over 32 wines are always available to taste for a nominal fee. Chef Gary Daniels and his staff is always there to greet his guests. The Cave has won the Wine Spectator "Award of Excellence" the last two years.

So, if you don't buy your wines at VWC, you are spending wayyyyyy to much money on your wine.

4435 McGrath St. #301
805 642-6449

4193 Carpinteria Ave #1
805 684-7440


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