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A career of variety in expression:
Len Poteshman

By Thiroux
Heart of the Artist

Len Poteshman has been creating amazing art since before most of us were born, and not one to be bored, he has explored many mediums. Though he started out as a violinist, he reached his artistic stride with painting and sculpting. And even before the CSI and Law and Order television shows grabbed the attention of American audiences, Len was working with various law enforcement agencies supervising art crimes departments, instructing officers in undercover work and making composite drawing of suspects from witness descriptions. Sounds like a great idea for a television series to me!

I found Poteshman in the studio at Bell Arts Studios, on Ventura Avenue in Ventura, he shares with his wife Linda, a ceramist, as they got ready for the big sale the first weekend in December. His daughter was there helping to arrange a price items to sell to make room for new work to be created. His delightful, energetic daughter doesn’t understand how he could have the desire to create any more when he has already created so much, but in talking to him, I saw that he is still brimming full with creative ideas he can’t wait to express. He proudly displayed a lovely charcoal portrait that they discovered that he had drawn in 1946.

Since then he moved from charcoal to pen and ink, to painting, to sculpting especially in bronze, and to his current fascination with epoxy. And as he described it, I was fascinated, too. The epoxy medium provides him with high gloss, vivid color intensity, and texture. He starts out by placing Plexiglas on a flat surface because epoxy must be used in a horizontal position to prevent them from running off the surface. The two part medium starts out clear and he adds colors encouraging the colors to run through the epoxy creating new colors and patterns never knowing how they will turn out. After the material dries, he breaks the material into shapes and reassembles it like a mosaic creating an entirely new image combining the epoxy with acrylic paint. 
Artist Len Poteshman

The end results are full of brilliant color and texture and offer lots to look at as you see how the deconstruction of one work of art is blended together to create another.

Poteshman also has done many wonderful painting of koi. He raised these fish also known as “living jewels” or “swimming flowers” until they became much too big for his pond, so he has created many painting featuring koi from very large, realistic paintings, to smaller paintings with so many koi in them that children love the challenge of try to count how many are there.

Len and Linda are charming to talk to and would love to have you visit them at their studio at Bell Arts. I think it is so cool that they gave $5 from each sale to Food Share. I love how local artists are getting behind this wonderful project.

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