Leather Tooling - Alive and Well

by Nina Danza

Look Mom!  First Day of Leather Class Practice Scene

Look Mom! First Day of Leather Class Practice Scene

A little known gem is found at Tandy Leather (Main Street) on Saturday mornings. It is there that beginning/intermediate leather tooling (ages 12+) and stamping class (ages 10+) are offered at a really bargain cost. It's $35 for the complete tooling kit and instruction is free. Stamping cost is even less. Gil teaches and he is a wealth of skill and knowledge. LJ, the owner, assists and is a young maverick!

There is a box of leather scraps free for the taking and practicing. Just call the week before to add your name to the class.

I love that the historic skills are being preserved and passed on to future generations. My kids took a first class among half dozen adults. Their finished products are satisfying and we will be back!

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