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Railroad trestle graffiti to be removed

Railroad trestle graffiti to be removedThe City of Ventura, Caltrans and Union Pacific Railroad are collaborating to improve the railroad trestle over the freeway.

They are working together toward a solution to long-term trespassing and graffiti vandalism on the trestle over the 101 Freeway in Downtown Ventura. All parties are working to repaint the bridge, with the focus on how best to comprehensively deter future graffiti vandalism on public and private property. Such a coordinated and comprehensive effort by all parties and the community of Ventura involves plans for:
  • Improved lighting
  • Repairing and augmenting fencing
  • Surveillance
  • Physical barriers to limit access
  • Stepped up enforcement
  • Public education and support
Setting in place this effort requires consideration of the safety of the driving public, safe railroad operatio and local law enforcement's ability to have all the tools they need to apprehend and prosecute criminal vandals.

Significant progress was made recently at a gathering of more than twenty experts and officials from Union Pacific Railroad, Caltrans and the City of Ventura. These participants are continuing their efforts to shape a comprehensive solution. The next meeting in mid-February will provide a review of the plans developed to date.

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