Funky Town

Some Cool, Interesting (and sometimes Wierd) places
that makes Ventura the fun Funky Town that it is...

Mysterious Abondoned Shell Plant

The amazing graffiti art at this abandoned plant, some with social and cryptic messages, decorate the decaying metal like hieroglyphics from a past civilization. The clank of dangling metal against the huge empty tanks plays an eerie, haunting sound...Take a tour

Bus Stop at Pacific View Mall
Since 2002 the Ventura bus stop at Telegraph Rd next to the Pacific View Mall remains as Ventura's most controversial piece of public art. Created by renowned sculptor, Dennis Oppenheim, "Bus Home " is a looping cork screw of steel, concrete, acrylic, paint, and electric light...Read more

Murals Behind Yolie's
The trash enclosure in the parking lot behind Yolie's restaurant at Main and Olive is the last place you'd expect to find stunning murals like these...Read more

Lots more to come!...

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