Fun Things To Do
at Ventura Harbor Village

There are more fun things to do here
than you could do in a weekend, so get started early!

Whale Watching off Ventura Coast
humpback whale watching
Seeing one of these beautiful, giant creatures jump full breach fromthe ocean is an experience you'll never forget.  Here's all the info you'll need to experience your own whale watching adventure.

Ventura Boat Rental
Ventura Boat Rentals offers a variety of boat excursions to fit any budget including dinner Cruises, tours, private charters, and of course, boat rentals. After quick and simple instruction you'll find yourself cruising the harbor with ease, whether it be paddling your boat Flintstone-style, kayaking or steering an electric boat. As you cruise the harbor, don’t be surprised to spot sea lions sunning on the docks or popping up next to your boat to get a closer look at you. When you’re done, the Coastal Cone, located across the launching dock, is a great way to reward yourself with an ice cream for a job well done.

Kayaking and Exploring Sea Caves

Ventura is a natural kayak playground. For an extra special treat, try kayaking in the sea caves of Santa Cruz Island. And everything you need to get started is here at the harbor, here's your guide to get started. 

Channel Islands Mainland Visitor Center

Among the fun things to do around the harbor, this is well worth the short stroll past the Harbor Village. This small but informative center features a museum, a living tide pool, island models and educational films where you and your children can learn about the ancient history of these majestic islands and the approximately 145 unique species, found nowhere else in the world, that call these islands home.

The lookout tower next to the museum offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and nearby islands.

Tip: The patio area overlooking the harbor makes a great place for a fun family picnic.

Shopping and Hanging out

Even shopping is one of the fun things to do in Ventura Harbor Village. There is a wide variety of specialty shops in the village. Here are a few of my personal favorites: The Harbor Wind and Kite Company where you can find an extensive selection of specialty kites. If you are looking for a hat, the Harbor Hatter won’t disappoint with just about any type of hat imaginable and over 1000 hats in stock. For the ladies, Ventura Swimwear is a local favorite since they carry a big selection of mix & match separates. Last but not least, the Treasure Cove has quality, unique sea-themed jewelry pieces that will look pretty on you without breaking the budget. Here's a full list of specialty shops at the Harbor.

Village Carousel and Arcade
Remember when a ride on a carousel was all it took to make you happy? You stood fidgeting in line with your horse already picked out and sprinted to it the minute the ride guy released the gate. What elation when you scored the one you wanted!

Well, you can relive this nostalgic moment with a visit to the Village Carousel and Arcade.

The full size 36-horse carousel is the only indoor carousel in Ventura County, and only one of the many fun things to do here.

The arcade is equipped with skee-ball, video games, whacking games, hoops and more! Prizes such as candy, yo-yo’s, Frisbees, and other toys can be traded in for tickets earned. The snack bar serves ice cream, candied apples, chocolate pretzels, cookies, popcorn, etc. Oh, did I mention the kids will have fun too?

Ventura Harbor Comedy Club

26-years and still laughing! This hometown comedy club books fresh and upcoming talent. Reservations are recommended.

Sun-Bathing and Swimming
Sometimes one of most fun things to do is just relaxing. Soak up the rays on the harbor lawn as you watch the boats drift quietly by or on the sandy beaches directly across the harbor village. A life guard is on duty at the lagoon shaped beach which is perfect for swimming in calmer waters, especially if you have children. Take caution if you plan to swim on the other side of the jetty since rip-tide currents are common in this area and there is no life guard station on hand. Click here for more about these and other Ventura Beaches

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