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Aug 06, 2013
1953 or 54 earthquake
by: Russell

A severe quake hit Southern California when I was eight or nine years old in the summer of 1953 or 1954. My family and I were on vacation when the quake hit and when we returned to Ventura and our home in Casitas Springs serious damage was obvious.

There was damage to the Brick walls of the Lemon packing shed on north Ventura Avenue where my grandmother and my mother worked. Other buildings in Ventura County were damaged.

Our yard in Casitas Springs was full of apples that had been shaken from our apple trees. Things had fell from the walls and shelves in our house and furniture had shifted about.

It was the most severe earthquake that I remember hitting Ventura County from 1950 to 1969.

Jun 04, 2014
I remember it well..
by: Anonymous

That was by far the worse earthquake in my memory.
It happened in the middle of the night.I was 10 yrs old in 1953 and my father ran across our small house to try and get to me. He fell three times before all 250 lbs. of him jumped on me in my bed to "save me" from falling plaster. Attached to our home was our little grocery/meat market and there was not one thing left on all of the grocery shelves. The aftershocks lasted all through the night as we huddled together on the floor. With all the tremors since then, nothing has ever compared to that night of terror. I'm still happy to be living here though.

Jun 30, 2014
1953 earthquake
by: william doss

it was a good one allright. you could hear the ground rubbing together. Centered at tehachepe bill doss

Sep 18, 2014
Earthquake was July 21, 1952
by: Bob Fondersmith

The reason I remember it well is because it was on my birthday, what a gift from God. We lived on Cornwall Lane on Pierpont in a two story house supported by 14" x 14" redwood pillers, my grandfather built the house. My mom and sister grabbed my brother and me and drug us out onto the concrete street. My dad was still upstairs with the dog, by the time he showed on the steps the dog ran down the stairs and took his legs right out from under him and he rolled down the stairs right out onto the street. You couldn't stand up because the concrete was rolling up and then it would drop down, the street did this for about 5-10 minutes. Not a cracked window or any damage on our house but the stucco houses had lots of damage. The oldtimers like my grampa knew how to build a house that would twist and move when the ground moved. Remember that day well. I could be wrong but I remember it being my 6th birthday, I was born in 1946 which would make it 1952, I think. That was also 60 plus years ago.

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