Coupeez Makes Saving Money a Cinch

by Angela Rosales
Jan 9, 2011

Matthew Graczyk of CoupeezIf you haven’t heard, cashing in on coupon deals is all the rage these days. Coupons may be able to thank the mopey economy for their heightened popularity, but the truth is we’ll hardly ever pass up a bargain when we know one exists. But therein lies our dilemma. How do we find the deals? Bargain hunting is hard work. You have to scour the papers, flip thru mailers, clip coupons and then remember to bring them with you wherever you go - just in case.

Coupeez founder and father of three, Matthew Graczyk, knows all too well the difficulty of finding the exact discount you need at the exact time you need it. Thanks to his frustrating search back in September 2009 for a discount to a pirate-themed dinner show near Disneyland, the Coupeez concept was born. “I was thinking someone one should make this easier.”

Officially launched in October 2010, Coupeez is an online platform where you can find hundreds of deals for local businesses. Unlike Groupon, which offers one deal per day in all of Ventura County, Coupeez has over 200 deals (and growing) for local Ventura businesses every day. You can even access the database from your mobile phone as you go about your day. Easy Peasy. No clipping involved. Even better, you can upload a deal you find yourself and share it with your friends, all for free.

Businesses can also post their deals for free or opt for the tiered-level premium package at a very low monthly fee. Seriously low. Coupeez’ business Premium package is just $10 - $20 per month. Unlike traditional coupon programs, which lock businesses in for a set period of time, businesses can post, change or remove deals Coupeezat anytime. Consumers can profit as well by being the first person to post a business deal they find and earn up to $25 if that business becomes a Premium member. With Coupeez, both the business owner and consumer are in control.

If you’re wondering how Coupeez can survive by offering their service mostly for free and giving money back at the same time, the answer is that it is founded by Matthew Graczyk. This 1985 Buena High School grad is no newbie to entrepreneurship. In fact, he started his first business at 14 and in the past 20 years has helped six companies go public, including a speech recognition software company and a bio-diesel firm. One could say, Matthew Graczyk is one part energizer bunny, one part Donald Trump and one part Bill Gates. With his knack for business, experience with managing P&L’s and recruiting talent, Matthew has big plans for Coupeez and Ventura too.

But what really drives Matthew Graczyk is the desire to pay-it-forward. Philanthropy runs through his veins as much as business does. His business model is based on ways to give back and he is eager to implement a few fresh ideas with Coupeez. For his own philanthropic efforts, Matthew favors projects that promote clean drinking water and rural, self-contained electricity generation in third-world countries. He also favors micro loan programs that benefit older women in Africa. “Many of these women can no longer rely on support from their children who move away to the bigger cities. There is a lot of need in the world and not everyone is fortunate to be a white male American like me.”

Another thing Matthew learned by traveling and living outside of the U.S. is that he prefers to call Ventura County home. “Ventura is amazing with its beaches and mountains, great weather and very few bugs. It has great DNA. It has so much to offer to both young professionals and families alike. It has an incredible balance.” Coupeez is planning on being a key component in Ventura business with a goal to employ 400 within five years. Matthew is currently working with Ventura College to develop a Web development curriculum to home grow much of this needed talent. All of Matthew’s experience tells him the market is ripe for Coupeez, which will make its national debut early this year and then go global after that. Look out world, here comes Coupeez!

Coupeez is a proud member of the Ventura Chamber of Commerce. Business members enjoy networking opportunities, workshops and seminars, marketing discounts, government and advocacy support, and much more. New Chamber membership includes a 3-month free Premium subscription on plus a $20 credit for upgrades ($50 total). For more information, contact

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