Ventura RAWards 2012

Once again, Bombay’s Bar and Grill turned hip underground art scene for one night only to host the annual RAW: Natural Born Artist competition, touted as the biggest indie art show in the world and by far one of our favorite events of the year. Nine winners represent Ventura County and the surrounding areas in the Visual Art, Photography, Accessories, Fashion, Music, Film, Hair, Make-up and Performing Arts categories. We interviewed some of the winners...

Winner/Music: Cirque Noir

Part punk band, part vaudeville act, Tim Burton
meets Rocky Horror Picture Show all rolled into one

Our interview with "Crazy" (Vocals):

You describe your genre as “a severe aerial bombardment of whimsical song-and-music acts laced with profane and a tad insane!”  For those who’ve never seen your show, what can they expect?

CN- Cirque Noir is essentially fun, dark, spooky, deep and quirky at the same time. Cirque Noir is not so much the musical band but a stage show. It’s really about bringing the vaudevillian to the stage using Tim Burton-esque imagery. It’s what’s happening between the music. Our lyrics have a lot of philosophical meanings, the deeper and deeper you get the more you can relate to various types of meanings. We really try to get audience participation and participation from other artists. We will invite others to join in. It’s sort of an Avant Garde push into the musical art scene.

Who is in the band and how did you come together?

CN- There are six members in the band: Chris Coyle, drummer and heart beat of the band.  The very talented and often a tad bit overzealous, Sane on Guitar.  Baron Von Velveteen plays base and the white rabbit on stage.  Our very lovely and brilliant, Jenna Noir on key board and vocal. Crazy and Grasshopper provide the vocals.  Cirque Noir came about in 2007 with the idea of bringing vaudeville, comedy and music together, wanting to create a band but at the same time doing something that Ventura really hadn’t seen before.  We also have non members that help us out at the actual shows. Every single person adds to the band and the creation to that one song. Everything is original, even the skits that take place between the shows. Every part is equal and we have as much fun as possible.
Cirque Noir Rabbit
Who or what then has been most influential to you musically or artistically?

CN- Tim Burton, Marx Brothers, Oingo Boingo lead singer, Danny Elfman, Rush and local band, Creature Feature.

As a band what are your greatest achievements?

CN- The greatest accomplishment is keeping this family of creative and individual musicians together and united and overcoming any barriers. It’s an absolute honor to be working together on this strange, creepy, funny journey.

What’s the future look like for you guys?  Where do you see yourselves in the next few years?

CN- Hopefully be doing this. As with anything, strive to keep Cirque Nior a success and together, hoping to make our shows bigger, better and make them even more odd and fun.

Where can people go to see your show or hear your music?

CN- We can be found on www.reverbnation and on our Face Book page. We’ll also be at the Steam Punk Symposium at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, January 11-13, 2013.

Finally, what do you want our readers to know most about Cirque Noir?

CN- Cirque Noir is an odd group of misfits and mad caps while at the same time a professional well oiled machine, fun for all ages. We have no qualms saying that we celebrate Halloween 365 days of the year. Cirque Noir invites the audience to participate in much the same way steam punk bands and vaudeville acts do. We have people that show up in Halloween costumes to our shows or dress up in their own design. Odd as it is, we are welcoming and non-prejudiced and non-biased. It all makes sense when you come see the show. We invite everyone to experience it.

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