Busy Bee Cafe

(805) 643-4864
478 E Main St

One of Ventura’s oldies but goodies, this diner has been a fixture on Main Street since 1963. Already a favorite meeting place for downtown merchants, the owners created mass appeal once they decided to embrace a time when a good meal meant a burger, fries and a shake. They tossed a juke box in the corner and the 50’s style diner lived once more!

If you’re in the mood for sophisticated dining, well then, this isn’t it. But if you’re craving the comfort of meatloaf, pasta and potatoes than look no further. The prices range from $7-$11 per plate.

Homemade Apple Pie and Apple Dumplings are on the dessert menu. But the locals come out for the Busy Bee’s fountain Creations of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, mocha and more. The quarter jukeboxes at each table and bobby-socked waitresses add to the fun décor. This place is hit with the kids and kids at heart. (I, for one, really dig the comic-stripped wrapped bazooka gum you get when you pay the bill).

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