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stolen bench from Sylvia White Gallery

Marlo Bartel Bench Stolen

Sometime between the hours of 9pm on May 21 and 11am on May 22 this wonderful Marlo Bartels Bench was stolen from the Sylvia White Gallery located at 1783 E. Main St.

Sylvia White, owner of the Sylvia White Gallery told us “The bench was stolen from outside...but, it was screwed and welded to the cement, so it had to take some serious planning...not to mention, it was solid concrete and weighed over 500 pounds! I love Ventura, and that means accepting every part of it, some of it good, and some of it bad. I will not let this experience sadden me. I have had a "Buddha" moment about this...if somebody wanted it THAT badly, they can have it. I am sorry they won't be able to fully enjoy it's beauty, knowing how it was acquired...and, who knows, maybe the guilt will be too much to bear and it will magically reappear. If the guilt isn’t enough I am offering a $500.00 cash reward with no questions asked.”

If you know of anyone who may have been in the area during this time, or have any information to report, you may do so anonymously by calling the Gallery at 643-8300 or call the Ventura Police Department 339-4400, officer Chris Wilson. Thank you.

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