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Surfer's Point Beach Project

surfer's point beach project The City of Ventura and the Ventura Fairgrounds are moving ahead with a project to protect an area of Ventura's coastline.

Using a "managed retreat" approach, a buried cobblestone berm will be installed near the Ventura River mouth. This approach will mimic what occurs naturally where the river spills out to the ocean. Over 26,000 tons of imported cobblestone will be buried along the ocean's edge, and then will be covered with 18,000 tons of new sand.

The project ultimately will provide beach restoration to protect our coastline from erosion and add more beachfront for recreational uses. It will create a new multi-use bike path with lighting and also create a new storm water filtration system including a grass bioswale to treat runoff and prevent pollutants from reaching the Ventura River Estuary and ocean.

During phase one of the construction, about half of the existing damaged parking lot on Shoreline Drive will be removed and the materials recycled for use in the rebuilding project. The stretch of beach along this area will be widened by 60 feet and a new cul-de-sac on Shoreline Drive will be constructed 1,000 feet east of the current turnaround. The multi-use bike path will be relocated inland along the beachfront adjacent to the new parking area that will be constructed just north of the existing one.

Surfer's Point beach project

During construction beachgoers will have access to the shore and bike path. Ample parking will be available at the remaining portion of the existing parking area along the beachfront, and paid parking at the Derby Club/Ventura County Fairgrounds parking area; 20 minute "surf-check" parking will be added along the south side of Shoreline Drive.

The city and the fairgrounds have partnered with the California Coastal Conservancy, California State Parks, the State Coastal Commission and Surfriders Foundation to plan for adherence to strict environmental regulations needed to solve the erosion problems along our coast. The creative and collaborative solutions achieved have provided an environmentally sensitive and innovative approach to restore and protect the beach and preserve public access.

Construction is slated to be completed in May, 2011. Crews from C.A. Rasmussen construction company will be on site Monday through Friday from 7 AM until 5 PM. For more information call Larry Jenkins at 658-4758.

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