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Ventura Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture in Ventura is as natural a fit as the sand and sea. From the intricate baskets crafted by Chumash hands to the Tortilla Flats mural underneath the 101 overpass, Venturans tell their story of what its like to live, work and play here.

Ventura Art Galleries

Ventura Arts
Ventura Art is a creative fusion of paint, sculpture, poetry, music and more. Since the beginning of Ventura’s recorded history, Venturans have chosen a variety of mediums to express their cultural journey. Celebrate Ventura Arts and explore the great variety of art galleries.

Featured Ventura Artists

Downtown and the West End have become Ventura's "Soho district", a vibrant community of artisians who create an inspiring array of art that enriches our lives. Here's a few spotlights on some of  these artisans.  Many thanks to the Ventura Breeze, the WAV and to the writers of many of these spotlights, Emily Thiroux and Tim Pompey.

Ventura Museums

ventura-museumsAnyone who looks down on Ventura from atop Grant Park today views a mixed landscape of neighborhoods, business districts and patched farmland alongside a never-ending Pacific Ocean. Despite this seemingly peaceful image, life in Ventura was anything but easy for our predecessors. Visit Ventura Museums to get a first-hand look at life in times in Ventura, both past and present. 

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