Agritours in Ventura County

Agritours in VenturaVentura County’s Mediterranean-like micro climate is fertile grounds for agritours. A growing trend among urbanites, agritours are educational and fun for the whole family and a natural fit in Ventura County, where life contains one acre of farmland for every acre of city with plenty of fresh produce stands and Farmer’s Markets nearby.

Since the first prolific San Buenaventura Mission garden back in 1793, Ventura farmers have grown a plethora of fruit trees, vegetables, nuts and other delicious edibles. Today, Ventura County is a patchwork of farmland, suburban areas and small cities. While this delicate blend doesn’t come easily - especially neighboring populous L.A. - agritourism strives to keep a healthy balance.

What are Agritours?

  • Farm tours that help us learn where our food comes from and how it makes its way from the field, to the packing house, to our table. Visit these local Ventura farms.
  • A way to support your local farmer.
  • A chance to learn about organic farming benefits.
  • Makes the list of family fun activities.

ventura historyBy 1950, the perky yellow lemon replaces the lima bean but eventually looses out to the sweet strawberry as Ventura’s # 1 crop in 2001.

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