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The new Yogurt Hut: Pierpont loves their yogurt

by Kimberly Catro

Yogurt Hut in VenturaThanks to a local frozen yogurt loving Pierpont family…Pierpont finally has its own little yogurt store called the Yogurt Hut. The store’s official opening occurred on December 1 and the 200 free t-shirts that were given away, soon became the instant fashion statement at Pierpont Elementary School. Don’t worry if you didn’t get one, they will soon be offered for sale at the Yogurt Hut. Samantha and Keith Repult are the proud owners who themselves have been Pierpont residents for the past five years. You can typically find either one of them working at the shop or one of their two daughters. In other words, it’s truly a family business. Samantha’s fondness for the light and tasty dessert is what prompted the couple to delve into the business. Also, the availability of a great location (corner of Pierpont and Seaward) to place their business made the dream a reality.

Before starting the business, Samantha and Keith visited tons of yogurt shops to find out what the best practices and offerings were needed to make the Yogurt Hut a unique experience. They also attended frozen yogurt conventions in order to secure the best equipment and the very best product. The Repults wanted the Yogurt Hut to be a gathering spot for families and friends to meet and feel welcomed while enjoying their delicious frozen yogurt treats. They are currently in the process of acquiring outside heaters to provide a comfortable environment when the temperatures dip in the evenings. The Repults want the store to be a reflection of the Pierpont lifestyle…easy going, welcoming and community oriented. They have already contributed to a local surf competition and continue to look for opportunities to support the local area.

The Yogurt Hut differentiates itself from the competition by truly making the needs of their customers a priority. They will be offering a daily selection of eight different flavors of yogurt. One of the flavors will always be gluten free and another flavor will always be sugar free, offering something for anyone who may be lactose intolerant or diabetic. They also will feature a selection of over 50 fresh toppings ranging from different flavors of candy to fresh fruit options. In addition, Samantha is also always looking for new interesting products to add to the toppings bar. Last but certainly not least, Samantha stressed to me that cleanliness is a priority at the store and they strive to always have this reflected both inside and outside the store. Fun, family, friends and frozen yogurt all in one place who could ask for more!

The Yogurt Hut,1038 S Seaward Ave, 643-8808 Hours: Sun.-Thurs. 11am-9pm, Fri. & Sat. 11am-10pm Email: They also can be found on Facebook and you can pick up a copy of the Ventura Breeze to enjoy with your yogurt

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