Have You Discovered Ventura?

Leave it to the Locals to show you the Best of Ventura!

A mere hop, skip and a jump from Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, you'll find the scenic California beach town of San BuenaventuraWhere is Ventura? (everyone just calls it Ventura).

Rich in history, natural beauty and agricultural resources, Ventura is a unique blend of old and new, coast and hillside, country and city.

Ventura locals are as diverse as the landscape, yet united in the passion they share for their town. As long time residents, our goal is to give you the “insiders” guide to the best of Ventura including…

But don’t just take our word for it, discover Ventura for yourself!

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Table of Contents

Ventura News Blog
The Ventura Blog keeps you up to date with the latest additions and changes to the Fun-in-Ventura website. Subscribe here.

Ventura Beaches
Your guide to Ventura beaches

Romantic Weekend Getaways in Downtown Ventura
The charm of downtown's eateries, wine bars, boutiques and spas set the mood for romantic weekend getaways!

Fun weekend getaways at Ventura Harbor Village
A guide to fun weekend getaways at Ventura Harbor Village

Ventura History
To understand Ventura today, let's take a look back at Ventura History

Beautiful scenic pictures of Ventura, CA
Here are some of the best spots in Ventura for taking beatiful scenic pictures

Fun Adventure Outdoors
Looking for a little outdoor adventure? Ventura is the place.

Ventura Nightlife
Ventura Nightlife is jumping!

Arts & Culture
Arts and Culture in Ventura is as natural a fit as the sand and sea.

Romantic Things To Do in Ventura
Looking for some romantic things to do in Downtown Ventura? Here's some ideas...

Family Fun Activities
Looking for some family fun activities to do with the kids? Ventura is a natural playground!

Free or Cheap Fun
Free or cheap fun things to do in Ventura

Best Hotels in Ventura
Here's our reviews and reccomendations of the best hotels in Ventura

Ventura Camping
Ventura County has some of the best camping and hiking anywhere!

About Us
A little about the folks who started Fun-in-Ventura.com

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